World Mental Health Day Fiji

Monday October 10 marks international mental health day. Here in Fiji it also happens to be a public holiday to celebrate Fiji day.

The Ministry Of Health decided that Fiji would get in early on mental health day celebrations. Across Fiji today there have been a range of public events to engage the community in mental health awareness.

In Lautoka the team from the Ministry Of Health’s ‘hub’ organised a march through the streets of town followed by an event in Shirley Park.14479519_1233191980065756_3364798715392248709_n


After a series of speeches by staff members and distinguished guests, everyone gathered for some morning tea and a chat.

I caught up with Rohneil Kumar and Nathanial Caleb Lau who are both studying Medicine at the University of South Pacific. They gave interesting speeches at the event about Bipolar disorder and anxiety. I started by asking them what had drawn them to an international mental health day event?

One of the more prominent speakers to make an appearance at the event in Lautoka was Utoa Satoya who is the Technical Officer in mental health from the Fiji branch of the World Health Organization. He told me that we all play a part in the treatment of mental health disorders

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