WhatsApp has update on one of the messaging app’s most annoying problems

The latest WhatsApp update introduces a new way of sharing photos

WhatsApp has an update in the new version of the app. We all know that it’s very useful when it comes to sharing pictures with friends, but it’s not flawless at all.
One of the irritating features of the app is, when someone posts more than one photo. Each image shows up individually, taking up your entire chat window. Which forces you to scroll all the way back to the top to read the previous message.

Now WhatsApp has released an update that offers a neat solution to this problem. The new version of the app includes a new album feature. Now, when you receive multiple photos from the one sender, they’ll be grouped together as an album. The updates don’t end there. WhatsApp has also introduced a selection of filters, so you can adjust the colour and tone of your photos, videos and GIFs without leaving the app. And finally, WhatsApp has added a new reply shortcut, which lets you quickly reply to messages.

However, there’s one rumoured feature that has so far failed to materialise – the ability to recall messages after they’ve been sent. According to a fan site that tests new WhatsApp features early, the Recall feature is included in this update of the app.However, it is a “hidden feature”, which means it is disabled by default, and can only be enabled by WhatsApp. WhatsApp may be waiting for this new version to hit the Google Play store, so that it can launch Recall on both iOS and Android simultaneously.

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