blues win against lions

What a fantastic game by both teams.
Outstanding try set up by Luatua standing in the tackle and off loading to SBW who followed Luatua into contact then good running lines and the ability of SBW to stand in the tackle and off load to Ihaia West running at pace cutting of his right foot and then swerving off his left to straighten up to out run the defence to score.

Lions accuracy all game at lineout was outstanding both with their ball and opposition ball to be spoiled by a very poorly executed line out at the end of the game losing the opportunity to score to win the game.

Exciting (both teams), big hits (blues), fast line defence (both teams), well executed lineouts (Lions), solid scrums (Blues first 60min, Lions 80min) contact point (patience on defence waiting for that opportunity but winning the impact blues), offloads (for blues in the second half were the difference for the continuity of the play),

Lions will get better as they bond and find combinations and confidence with each other.

Blues just awesome today

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