Tanoa Puts Fiji On The Map

Military, tactical shooting, infiltration a few words that you’d associate with war and the army, both in the real world and into the virtual one as well.
With “Tactical Shooting” games becoming more realistic by the year, story lines and locations used during certain phases of the game mirror actual geographical features and settings of actual places and events that have taken place around the world.

ARMA3 with similar online game play modes to Call of Duty and is slowly making a name amongst online gaming giants, was released in late 2013. The game is based in the mid 2030s where a military operation enforced by NATO fighting in Europe against “Eastern Armies” led by an Iranian Military and made up of other Middle Eastern and Asian Nations. Sounds like your typical war game right?

Well ARMA3 took the tactical shooting game to a whole new level when they released a new map off their series of online games titled – Tanoa. Now there’s no surprise where they obviously got the concept from.

It features a tropical setting and terrain is very rough with large plots of forest and farm land. Kavala was the only other close Fijian name (Kava-la) to come out of the map, apart from other places on the area including the Capital City which is called “Georgetown”.
However there is one other interesting feature on the map, the “natives” of Tanoa, referred to as the Tanoans have ancient temples and villages scattered all over the forest and make it a good area for gamers to explore.
Looks like Rugby isn’t the only thing that’s put Fiji on the map now.

So if you’re a keen online gamer and you’re reading this article, ARMA3 is the game you need to look out for. You could be King of Tanoa before your friends even find out about it and try to get bragging rights.
Make the game yours, familiarize yourself with the map to find perfect spots for the usually “Campers” & get quick scoping on your friends.

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