Spotify Steps Into Social Media With Its Latest Feature- Spotify Codes

Should Instagram and Snapchat be worried about new Spotify feaature?

Spotify, the market leader in the growing paid streaming business. They revealed in march of this year that they had hit the 50 million paying subscribers milestone. And it has now revealed a new way to share music with your friends in their new feature, Spotify Codes.

These codes involve taking a picture of the codes of the song with your smart phone camera. The picture of the codes would enable you to get the playlist on your own device. Now the codes will come under artwork for tracks, artists or full playlists. And they will also appear on flyers and poster which give musicians and bands a new way to spread their music.

As well as a quick and easier way to find your favorite tunes, it is the leading paid streaming business. This undoubtedly  gives other social media platforms reason to feel threatened.

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