Ryder in jail

ryderTWINKLE-toed rugby player William Ryder is serving a prison sentence for failing to pay maintenance.

France-based Ryder, who was sent to the Vaturekuka Corrections Centre last Wednesday, is serving a 28-day sentence.

It is understood that the maintenance totals $1789. Corrections department media officer Kuini Waqasavou confirmed Ryder was in prison.

“We can confirm that he is at the Vaturekuka Correction Centre in Labasa. Other than this, we cannot reveal any other details,” she said.

The French-based player, who was interviewed by this newspaper earlier this month, was arrested at his home in Nabouwalu.

Ryder, who is on holiday from his French-based club, has been part of the Bua provincial team since his arrival in early June.

In an earlier interview, he said there were plans to develop his home team. He said he had just signed a ten-year contract with his French club after which he intends to return home.

Ryder had joined Rupeni Caucau in the Bua rugby team that played against Seaqaqa in Labasa.

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