Rugby Players Have Missing Teeth Replaced with Bottle Openers

(Nigerian scoop) – In a sheer stroke of advertising genius, Salta Beer has given three rugby players who lost teeth in action ‘Beer Tooth Implants’ – metal implants that double as bottle openers! And yeah, they actually work.

“We decided to give rugby players back the teeth they had lost in battle,” Salta Beer explained. “But we weren’t going to give them a simple tooth back, we developed a unique dental implant; a specially designed tooth to open beer.” Three rugby players were selected for the unique procedure and were featured in a commercial created in collaboration with Ogilvy Argentina.


The commercial also features dental surgeon Dr. Sebastian Juri, who explains what the procedure is all about. “We are incorporating a unique innovation here,” he says. “A new functionality is added to the chewing function of the premolars: the beer opener. Our piece is ready as a tooth implant, and the patient can also use it as a bottle opener.”


Following the explanation, the three sportsmen – Johnathan Batiga, Pablo Kwiczor, Uriel Santiago – each explain how they lost their tooth. The procedure is then conducted, after which they are able to crack open beer bottles with ease. The three men are seen testing out their new implants for the camera, and also impressing their friends at a pub. “We gave them much more than a simple tooth back, we made them want to smile again,” the ad concludes.


The commercial is apparently based on the idea that rugby players are tough, like to drink beer, and often open beer bottles with their teeth. “When the idea was finally there, one of the biggest obstacles was that everyone thought it was going to be very difficult to find rugbiers willing to accept the tooth opener implant,” said Ogilvy creative director Maximiliano Maddalena. “But it was all the other way round, candidates appeared immediately, and in the comments of the video what came out was lots of people asking for one!”


This isn’t the first time Salta Beer has come up with a brilliant rugby-themed ad campaign. In a previous commercial, they had people put money into a vending machine, and then tackle it from the side. When the machine decides that it has been hit hard enough, it finally dispenses a cold beer. Apparently, beer sales went up 25 percent in bars that featured their dispensers!

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