Bug Alert for Rotuma…

Source: Fiji Times

A FRUIT fly identified as the Bacteceria Kirki still threatens Rotuma Islands and common fruits and travellers moving in and out of the island.

Addressing the delegates on their daily briefing, Biosecurity Authority of Fiji staff member, Veronica Joe warned visitors against any movement of fruits of any sort upon reaching the island.

She also added the Biosecurity Department was working hard to contain the fruit fly but had been limited with their efforts against an insect that uses all vegetation as its host.

The only means of fighting it at the moment, she said, was to keep it contained within the island and to stop any movement of fruits from or into the island.


She said the department was putting together all controlling methods including traps and the islanders had also been warned.

“Right now, we urge the people to be vigilant and adhere with us because what we have here is something that can speed up the process of global warming when not contained or controlled.”

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