Reese Witherspoon Returns to Her Romantic Comedy Roots in Home Again


It’s been five long years since onetime romantic comedy darling Reese Witherspoon charmed audiences the way she did with flicks like Sweet Home AlabamaLegally Blonde and Four Christmases. The actress has been busy working behind the scenes, heading up her production company (which was responsible for Wild and Gone Girl, among others) and taking on decidedly darker roles.

But this fall sees her back in a role that will feel comfortingly familiar to all of her OG fans. Witherspoon fronts Home Again, which hit theaters on Friday, which is perhaps one of the rom-commiest of all rom-coms. It’s all in the movie’s pedigree–it’s produced by the Romantic Comedy Queen Nancy Meyers, the director who brought audiences Father of the Bride, The Holiday and It’s Complicated, to name just a few.

It’s a story that could easily turn formulaic, but features like a reverse age-gap in the relationship between Alice and Harry, the hot 25-year-old and some good old-fashioned comedic timing keep it fresh

Source: E! News

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