Probability of a tropical depression or cyclone forming to the West of Fiji over Easter weekend

There is a low to moderate probability of a tropical depression or even a tropical cyclone forming to the West of Fiji over this Easter weekend.

The forecaster at the Nadi Weather Office says there is a chance of another low pressure system to form by this Thursday however the chances are very low at this stage for the system to form into a cyclone.

This will depend on the conditions and the strength of the system later this week. The strength of the system remains unclear however people should continue to listen to updates as there is a probability of strong winds, heavy rain and river flooding this Easter weekend.

Nadi Weather Office Director Ravin Kumar says they will continue to monitor the situation and an update will be provided in due course.

Meanwhile, a heavy rain alert is in force for the whole of Fiji.

The Nadi Weather Office says a trough of low pressure with associated cloud and showers remains slow moving over the group.

Localised heavy rain may lead to flash flooding of low lying areas.

Expect heavy rain and thunderstorms over most places from tonight.

The forecaster also says that the heavy rain alert from the current trough of low pressure over Fiji maybe upgraded to a heavy rain warning, especially for Vanua Levu.


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