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People show love for their favourite celebrities in numerous ways. Most, take to dressing like them or having collections of their music or movies, etc. The craziest of fans have gotten celebrity tattoos. Then there are some, in Taiwan, who are rockin’ the latest trend; portrait inspired haircuts by XB Hair Salon in Changhua.

From Bruce Lee, Marilyn Monroe to Mickey Mouse- they can do it all. All that is needed is a picture of who you would like shaved onto your head.

The most recent talked-about request was by a young man who wanted a Donald Trump buzz. Apparently, he is a fan of the American president.

Allen Chen, who specialises in these portrait-inspired shaves, did an immaculate job of, not just the shave, but dyeing a part of the young man’s hair blonde to finish the cut with the U.S president’s famous comb-over.

This haircut was done in September but only recently, caught a buzz after it went viral when the Huffington Post shared about it.

So! If a portrait salon were to open in Fiji, who’s face would you like shaved on your head??? 😊

Image by XB Hair Salon via Facebook.


Source: NY Daily News.

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