What Killed This Man, Many of us Drink Every Day. Death Lurks in the Refrigerator

Dean Wharmby was a loving father and a professional bodybuilder from Manchester, England. Professional bodybuilders put a lot of time, effort and money to make their body filled with pure muscle. Is certainly not an easy task and it requires a lot of patience and hard work.

A professional bodybuilder invests all his time into training and nutrition: his diet contains over 10,000 calories per day in order to more muscle mass.

Dean did just that, be ate a mix of fast food and balanced meals such as chicken, fish, and eggs to meet his increased protein need.

Furthermore, as he was working out, he used to drink 2 energy drinks on every hour while working out in order to be focused and awake during his strenuous work

All started 5 years ago when Dean’s plan began to backfire. Wharmby was diagnosed with cancer and was recommended chemotherapy. He refused it and decided to treat the disease naturally.

As he changed his bad habits and turned to natural medicine it seemed that the tumor was shrinking and disappearing.

However, Dean returned to his old habits that cause the tumor in a first place and this time with more serious consequences. He was diagnosed with liver cancer. Again, he avoided chemotherapy and tried to escape cancer with a strict and healthy diet.

He drastically lost a lot of weight and this time it was too late for 39-year-old Dean. During his fight for his life, he found what caused his health: the energy drinks

According to the doctors, these popular beverages totally destroyed Dean’s liver and body and promote the growth of cancer cells.

After a long and exhausting battle with cancer, Dean Wharmby died last year. He leaves a wife and a young daughter behind.

Share this sad and disturbing story with everyone that you know, for this trendy drink costs much more than a couple dollars in the end. All must be warned of these dangers, for these stimulating drinks are especially popular among younger people.

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