International Day of Democracy…

THE International Day of Democracy themed Space for Civil Society will be celebrated today.


In a statement to mark the celebrations Speaker of the Parliament Dr Jiko Luveni commended the role of civil societies in Fiji.

“In September last year Fiji held its general elections, to elect our democratic government under our new constitution on the basis of one person, one vote, one value. Since then Fiji has made substantial progress in the restoration of democratic principles in the country,” Dr Luveni said.

“The role of civil society is vital in having a truly effective democracy. Civil societies in Fiji have been tireless in their efforts to promote awareness of human rights, assisting communities in articulating concerns , shaping strategies ,influencing policy and laws and pressing for accountability.


“Parliament also ensures that the public understand the mechanics of Parliament through various briefs conducted nationwide to CSO’s and the ‘Meet the Speaker’ and ?Parliament Bus program.

“All institutions in Fiji should ensure space is given for CSO’s to effectively carry out their roles. Parliament will continue to strive to uphold and promote the ideals of democracy and facilitate more space so that the voice of Fijians can be heard.”

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