15.09.15… happy greenpeace day!!

greenpeace-dayOn 15th September we celebrate Greenpeace Day, so this is the time to release your inner activist and get passionate about the environment. The now internationally renowned campaign organisation for ecological issues was originally founded by a group of 17 activists in Vancouver protesting against off shore nuclear testing in Alaska on this date in 1971.

Since then, Greenpeace has achieved an abundance of victories over eco-crimes, as well as making an enormous contribution to raising awareness of environmental issues across the globe. They constantly strive for their vision of a society which recognises the Earth as an essential life support system whose resources are not infinite and must be protected and cared for. Their campaigns range from raising awareness of the receding ice of the Arctic to protecting the oceans and rainforests to working towards nuclear disarmament.

it’s also:

  • Felt Hat Day
  • International Day of Democracy
  • International Dot Day
  • LGBT Center Awareness Day
  • National Linguine Day – September 15
  • National Neonatal Nurses Day
  • Software Freedom Day
  • Take a Loved One to the Doctor Day

Happy GreenPeace Day to you!!

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