Happy Tick Tock day!! 29.12.15

tick-tock-day1-e1419845032153-804x382There are only two days left until the end of the year; have you achieved everything you set out to do, upheld your New Year’s resolutions and made a difference? Tick Tock Day puts the pressure on you to cram in some last-minute work before the end of the year to achieve your goals!


It’s also: National Pepper Pot Day


Having been nicknamed as “the soup that won the war” Pepper Pot has its very own day.  National Pepper Pot Day is observed annually on December 29th.

The winter of 1777 – 1778 was brutal.  The Continental Army was fighting for the newly formed country of the United States of America during the Revolutionary War.  As they were camped at Valley Forge on December 29th, 1777, George Washington ask the army’s chef to prepare a meal that would boost their moral and warm them.  The chef rounded up some peppercorn, small bits of meat, tribe and other ingredients and called it Pepper Pot Soup, also known as Philadelphia Pepper Pot Soup.

The meal was well received and it was nicknamed “the soup that won the war”.

Thats whats happening on this day the 29th of december…

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