Happy National Fun At Work Day!!… 29.01.16 Have Fun!!

  • National Fun at Work Day – January 29, 2016 (Last Friday in January)

fun at work

Fight the work day doldrums on January 28.  It’s National Fun At Work Day!

Many people spend a  good portion of their lives at work, so why should they not try to enjoy it?  While looking to find fun things to do at work, let your imagination be the leader.  Make sure whatever fun and exciting things that you choose has your boss’s approval.  Better yet, get your boss involved in the fun.

Dave Hemseth and Leslie  Yerkes, co-authors of301 Ways to Have Fun at Work say, “Organizations that integrate fun into work have lower levels of absenteeism, greater job satisfaction, increased productivity, and less downtime.”

  • Kansas Day – January 29


On January 29 each year, residents of Kansas celebrate their state’s birthday. Kansas Day has been observed annually since 1877.

Kansas entered the Union as the 34th state on January 29, 1861. On Kansas Day in 2011, the state celebrated its 150th birthday.

Activities on Kansas Day center around museums, historic sites, schools and the Kansas State Capitol.

  • Freethinkers Day – January 29 (Also known as Thomas Paine Day)


Freethinkers Day falls on the birthday of Thomas Paine, a prominent thinker whose work and publications promoting a philosophy of Enlightenment heavily influenced the course of the American and French revolutions.

Embrace Freethinkers Day by challenging arbitrary authority, questioning the status quo, and constructing logical and reasonable arguments against engrained behavior.

It’s Also:

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  • National Puzzle Day
  • Seeing Eye Guide Dog Birthday 1929
  • Thomas Paine Day
  • Curmergon Day
  • National Carnation Day
  • National Corn Chip Day

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