Fiji Blood Bank blood drive

If you’re in or around Lautoka today the Fiji Blood Bank are are set up outside the Sugar City Mall looking for people to donate blood.

Rajneesh Sharan is running the blood drive in Lautoka. She caught up with Ana earlier this afternoon.

While most of us are no doubt somewhat aware that donating blood helps many people in need, you might not have realised that giving blood can also help you.

Research shows that the act of giving blood reduces the risk of cancer and heart disease, it burns calories and, of course, gives the donor a free blood analysis. Doctors need to be sure that donated blood will not expose recipients to HIV, hepatitis or other blood born illnesses so that means you get tested for them too.

Rajneesh and her team will be at the Sugar City Mall til 4pm if you are coming to town to do your shopping. If you can’t make it today but would like more information about donating blood anywhere in Fiji then check out the information from the ministry of health here

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