Messenger Kids

Facebook introduces Messenger Kids

Critics of the app say it gets kids addicted to social media early on. What do you think?

Facebook Messenger Kids is the latest update the social media giants have . The messaging app for kids under the age of 13. Facebook’s children messaging app has a number of parental controls in place. It allows parents to control the contact list and remove unwanted contacts.

Messages also can’t be hidden by kids. Parents and other approved adults can connect from their Messenger app to check in on their kids. Also, if children report inappropriate content, their parent or guardian will be notified. Facebook says the app is also designed to be compliant with the Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA).

Despite these parental controls, Facebook has still been criticized for creating an app for kids under 13, which might fuel children’s addiction to social media from an early age.

Still, Facebook Messenger Kids is only one of many social media apps out there like Snapchat and WhatsApp used by kids with access to smartphones and other devices. The question remains which of these apps are especially harmful and which are passable.

Messenger Kids

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