Exercises mums need to get lean…



Women should aim to do three times more pulling exercises than pushing ones (like push-ups), since women are prone to be weakest in the upper body.

Your latissimus dorsi muscles (“lats”) run from your upper arms to your spine and down to your pelvis. The resistance-band lat pull-down is ideal for women because it directly targets this muscle.



Anchor a resistance band around something secure or use a door attachment between the door and door frame.

Kneel on the floor facing the band and position yourself so that your arms are straight and there is a little bit of tension on the band.

Once you have adjusted, Your arms should be at about a 45-degree angle to the floor. Squeeze your butt to lock your pelvis directly under you and lift upward with a long, tall spine.

Draw your shoulder blades back and down toward your hips. Then pull with your upper-back muscles, bend your elbows and pull the handles toward your upper chest. Pause for two seconds with the handles next to your upper chest. Release to the starting position, moving slower than during the pull phase.


Exercise in the comfort of your home and get lean 🙂

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