Eggplant with tuna in coconut milk…

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A recipe that we enjoyed on Sunday….delicious indeed!!


  • 5 medium sized eggplants cut up in strips
  • 1 packet of noodles
  • 1 tin tuna (of your choice)
  • 5cloves of garlic minced
  • One small piece of ginger minced
  • Half an onion finely diced
  • 1 bundle of dhania finely diced
  • Salt, vitcin and noodle flavor to taste
  • Oil
  • Coconut milk from 2-3 small coconuts


  1. Heat up the oil in a frying pan on medium high heat
  2. Fry the eggplant strips in batches till nice and golden brown
  3. In a clean medium size pot lay the deep fried eggplant strips in layers
  4. If you have 2 or more layers, than in between each layer, sprinkle some garlic/ginger with the onion till you reach the top layer to finish all the garlic, ginger and onion
  5. Once you have done that open the tuna and pour it over the eggplant
  6. Spread it nicely and break up the noodle on top and pour the coconut milk over
  7. Cook it over low high heat
  8. Keep in mind, it’s the coconut milk that you’re cooking
  9. So once it starts to simmer, add in your salt, vitcin and flavor.
  10. Cook for another minute and take it off the heat.

Enjoy with some nice cooked dalo….ummmm…..try it and enjoy!!

Note: this recipe is cooked in a pot, you could also bake it in the oven and lay the fried eggplants in a tray with the same procedures and bake till the coconut milk starts to bubble/simmer..

P.S: the picture posted, thats what it will look like..sorry i didn’t get a picture of the one we enjoy over the weekend..


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