8th July: SCUD DAY :)

SCUD Day stands for Savor the Comic, Unplug the Drama Day:

It’s is a day for us to ditch the drama in your life and instead appreciate comedic value that life’s issues bring.

Life is only as serious as you make it and life is too short to go around stressed and broken.


So today’s celebration is a day to remind people of the benefits of spending more time in the Comic Zone and less in the Drama Zone.

scud1Lets, Today, step back, relax and laugh; leave the drama and heartaches of life alone for 24 hours. What do you think?


I’ts time to find the humorous side of what is creating your commotion and have a good laugh. You’ll thank yourself later!

But keep in mind, relaxation and humour are good for your physical and mental wellbeing, so turn the drama down a notch and enjoy a good laugh instead. 🙂relax

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