The New Nitendo 2DS XL Coming Out Soon

Nintendo has a reputation for keeping gamers on their toes, and now it has surprised fans once again by revealing a new handheld console just two months after launching the Switch. The new Nintendo 2DS XL is the latest addition to the 3DS family of systems, designed to sit between the 2DS and 3DS XL handheld consles. New 2DS XL will launch in Europe on the 28th of July. The announcement comes just two months after Nintendo launched it’s long-awaited Switch, a strange hybrid of portable device and home console that many thought would replace Nintendo’s dedicated line of handheld consoles. The Switch has been a staggering success, with Nintendo claiming to have sold 2.7 million of the hybrid consoles since launch, and the company thinks it can reach 10 million by March 2018.If it hits the 10 million mark it would become the biggest hit since the Wii console in 2006.


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