$11,000 Smart Toilet Basically Does Everything But Poop for You.

The bathroom was one of the few places that technology had not been very successful in infiltrating, but with Japanese smart toilets gaining in popularity around the world, this last bastion is about to fall. And if you’re wondering what makes smart toilets so special, just check out the smartest of them all, the Toto Neorest NX2.

Quite frankly, there’s not a lot this toilet can’t do. It automatically lifts the seat as you approach it, and if you program it too, it can even heat up the toilet seat instantly, so that you don’t get those harmless but annoying goose-bumps on your legs when you sit on it. Once you’ve finished your “business”, you don’t need to use toilet paper to clean yourself, as the Neorest is more than happy to do it for you with gentle beams of purified water. And since leaving you with a wet behind just isn’t very practical, the smart toilet also features a built-in dryer.

There’s no need to grab a can of deodorant and spray it all around you to neutralize bad odors as the Neorest NX2 also features its own deodorizer. Toto’s proprietary ‘Tornado Flush’ has been completely redesigned to not only be more effective in eliminating waste from the bowl, but also clean the surfaces most difficult to reach. The NX2 uses ionized eWater+, which is basically electrolized water with cleansing and antibacterial properties, and if that doesn’t get everything perfectly clean, the ‘Actilight’ ultraviolet light technology definitely will. You’ll never have to clean this thing, at least not on the inside, because it cleans itself.

And you never even have to touch its lid, as it comes down as soon as you step away from it.

But the world’s most advanced smart toilet isn’t cheap. You’ll have to shell out around $11,000 for this throne when it hits the US market, this summer. Worth it? Hell yeah, now if only I could afford it.


Source: odditycentral.com

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