Youth For Integrity

Fiji’s Youth For Integrity (YFI) foundation have been fortunate enough to be given nearly 40 thousand dollars by the Canada Fund for Local Initiative. The money is to be used to develop a program, they hope, will engage young people in society and involve them in conversations and decision making processes that affect all of us.

Rita Narayan from Youth For Integrity says the young people are taught to develop a ‘tool kit on transparency, accountability and anti corruption.’

Rita is speaking here with Allison from the Midday Show

If any young people in your family are interested in finding out more or getting involved in this project it’s simple. All you have to do is like their Facebook page and send them a request to join.

The administrators will proofread your Facebook account looking at what your interests are and what you’re posting. Once that’s done you will be notified. You are invited to attend any events they post up on their page.

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