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World’s first ‘clear coffee’ that could provide your daily caffeine fix without staining your teeth

Each Clear Coffee bottle contains 100 mg of caffeine, which is roughly an equivalent of double espresso

Coffee addicts can rejoice now because of the newly invented Clear Coffee! There’s a new way to get your daily caffeine fix that is a lot less likely to stain your teeth. CLR CFF is a new clear, colorless beverage that looks like water but apparently tastes like a strong cup of coffee. It comes in bottles and can be drunk cold on the go, or made into cocktails.

Developed by Slovakian entrepreneur David Nagy and his brother Adam, CLR CFF is made from roasted Arabica beans and contains no preservatives, stabilizers, added aromas or sweeteners. One 200ml bottle contains 100mg of caffeine, which is roughly as strong as an order of a double espresso.

The exact production process is a secret, but the makers claim that it is based on physical processing and doesn’t include any chemicals.

When asked to describe the taste, David Nagy said the closest thing was a cold brew coffee. However, he admitted that most customers describe it as “unusual”.

CLR CFF is available now in Selfridges and several Whole Food Market stores, and also from the company’s website .


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