Woman Single-Handedly Buys Thousands of Gifts for Sick Children

One Chicago woman is proving that it doesn’t take a whole lot to be a big blessing this Christmas season.

Jessie Tendayi bought thousands of toys for sick children with money she saved from her own paycheck. Tendayi is a cafeteria worker at Advocate Trinity Hospital and worked overtime the entire year to buy more than 3000 toys totaling around $5000.

When Toys ‘R’ Us heard about her efforts, they kicked in an additional $5000.

Then Tendayi hosted a grand toy giveaway and distributed those gifts to the pediatric patients at Advocate Children’s Hospital.

“You don’t have to wait until you get rich to help others,” she told ABC 7 news.

Although saving up for the gifts was hard work, Tendayi says the look in the children’s’ eyes made it all worth it.

“I see their eyes like, ‘wow!’ When they say wow you feel like you’ve given hope to a child,” Tendayi said.

The parents were overwhelmed with happiness too.

Terri Erickson, whose son is being treated for leukemia, was moved to tears.

“This is huge. This is huge. This means a lot for my family,” Erickson said.

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