Uber and Girls Who Code fight for greater diversity in tech

Uber announces a multi-year partnership with the nonprofit Girls Who Code

Uber is announcing today a multi-year partnership with the nonprofit Girls Who Code. As part of the deal, they are donating $1.2 million to Girls Who Code over the next three years.

Girls Who Code is a nonprofit organization. This organization aims to support and increase the number of women in computer science.

Moreover, the money will go towards growing more after school and immersion programs for young girls. So girls will be able to learn tech at an earlier age.

Furthermore, the organization estimates that 60,000 more girls will gain access to these programs as a result of the deal.

Lastly, Uber engineers are also going to volunteer at Girls Who Code. To help set up coding workshops and mentorship programs.

And they also have another $1.8 million left in its diversity fund for the next three years that it plans to spend on other organizations that are similar to Girls Who Code.


Source: www.theverge.com

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