Tech: Top 5 retro gadgets people would like to see back on sale – and what they would look like now

Retro tech is all the rage, but which gadgets would you like to see brought back to life?

Tech advances so quickly, it can sometimes make your head spin. No sooner have you bought a smartphone than a new version is released, and your shiny new gadget looks out of date.

But there are some gadgets that hold a special place in our hearts – even after they’ve long been labelled obsolete. The recent re-launch of Nokia’s 3310, and the ecstatic reception it received from millennials, is proof that nostalgia goes a long a way.

The top five retro gadets people would like to see back on the shelves are::

  1. Sony Discman– first released in 1984
  2. Motorola Razr– first released in 2004
  3. Gameboy– first released in 1989
  4. Sega Mega Drive– first released in 1989
  5. Blackberry– first released in 1999

Now tech companies have a step further, and have given some of the most voted comeback tech products a 2017 makeover, to bring them into this decade. The images below show us all we need to know.


The Discman after its Tech Makeover. the rebooted Discman would use Bluetooth and 802.11ac Wi-Fi to allow users to stream podcasts, music and even video to the device
Saga Mega Drive- the new Mega Drive would offer cutting-edge high-fidelity, VR and 4K gaming; as well as acting like a gaming hub so players can save their progress, create gaming profiles and transfer data seamlessly between devices. 

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