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Fijians. We love to grub. But sometimes, it can be a challenge finding a place that offers a variety of tasty food on a daily basis at decent prices and great service, right?
Well, for those of you who live in Nadi or pass through the Jetset Town on a regular basis, that won’t be an issue anymore. I have just the place for you 😊

A week ago at 7pm on Wednesday the 15th of November, The Lees, with family and friends, reopened their restaurant in Nadi. Who are the Lees and what restaurant is this?

They are Tucson and Triza, owners of The Flaming Wok. This is their story.

Years ago, in a cafe in Suva that was run by Tucson’s family, where he worked and learned to cook from class 3 to form 6, is where it all began.

Tucson, who has been a chef for 27 years fondly recalls, “I didn’t know I was going to be chef.”

But that’s exactly where the journey to the dream of owning a restaurant began when he finished school and started working at Cardo’s in Suva as a chef. From there, he got transferred to head-chef the Cardo’s in Nadi ,when it opened at Port Denarau in 1999 for a year and a half before going to Tonga. When he returned to Fiji, he met Triza.

A side look at the love of is life, Tucson said, “After I met Triza, I never wanted to move back to Suva.”

Another trip to Tonga for 5 yrs. This time, with Triza,their kids and his brother. Upon their return in 2010, after working many years for other people, he had decided that it was time to start their own restaurant. Tucson really wanted to put his energy and effort into something that was theirs; Be their own boss.

So in 2011, in pursuance of making their dream a reality, the Lees set up a barbecue stand at Namaka Market and a hotdog stand at RB Jetpoint in Martintar. At the time, Tucson was also the headchef at Wishbone, Martintar. 11 months later, he resigned so he could focus all his energy in accomplishing their dream. This involved roadside barbecues, catering, office orders, travelling where they had stalls at festivals in Nadi, Lautoka and Suva.

Their dream came alive when they opened in Martintar in 2012.

With a smile on his face, Tucson said, “When we opened in Martintar, it was a dream. But due to circumstances, we had to close down. We did say that one day, we would open up again.”

“Definitely, all these years, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Triza. We’re an excellent team. The reason is, she takes control of the front area. I take control of the kitchen. Her support gives me a reason to keep doing it. Else, we would’ve left cooking altogether.”

Along with the support of his wife, Tucson credits his mum and brother for always helping in every way they could.

And so they pressed on; catering, orders, festivals.

Then one day, about a month ago, a friend of theirs stepped in and wanted to help them reopen their restaurant.

“We thank the Lord for this! These things don’t just happen just like that. So, here we are- We know we’re gonna do it better this time around.”

So folks! Put that on your list of restaurants to visit. They’re open from 6.30am-10pm. Yes, you guessed it! Breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food is great! The service is A1. With it located along Queens Road, next to Transit Hotel and 100 yards from Nadi Int’l Airport, the restaurant is hard to miss. To top off your Flaming Wok experience, the hosts are a pleasure to meet 😊

Namaka Location. They also have a location at Port Denarau; a bure from where they serve hot meals, roti & curry and subs.
The Lees- Tucson, Triza and their children;Tyrone, Tesseana and Melisha.
A few of the delicious meals that they serve at The Flaming Wok.

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