Thatgamecompany behind Journey is making an Apple TV game

Sky from thatgamecompany will be exclusive to Apple devices


Thatgamecompany is a studio best known for poetic, emotional adventures like Flower and Journey. And now the team is bringing its next release to Apple TV.  In a recent blog post, thatgamecompany provided more detail on what Sky will be like.

Sky wanted as many people to love games. So they were encouraged to explore this idea at thatgamecompany. Which for the first time brought the games, to mobile — a platform that many have access to, the world over.

It’s hard to explain the game. But a good place would be to say that Sky is a game specially created to be played. It can also be shared, among loved ones and family. Imagine of visiting a theme park where lasting memories are made, Sky will sometimes feel like that.

Sky will be coming to both the iPhone and iPad, and is expected to launch sooner than you think.

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