New Technology Can Tell Genuine Products From Fake

Cutting edge new tech that can be scanned with a smartphone could put an end to fraudsters trying to scam you with fake goods

Clamping down on fake goods is something the world has been trying for a while. But what if a team of scientists could solve the problem altogether?

A team of researchers from a start-up based out of Lancashire University have come up with a unique type of identity tag. This tag can be inserted into products and scanned with a smartphone app.

The tag can be used on any kind of product. From a pair of trainers to a new set of headphones.

In this case, each tag is only one atom thick. Which makes it impossible for people to copy to sell fake goods.

However, it could be picked up by the sensors in a smartphone configured through a simple app.

What’s more, the tags can be transformed infinitely to make each one completely unique – and embedded into each separate product.

Lastly, because they are so small, there’s also the potential to use them on edible items (things you can consume) such as medicines or vitamins.


Source: www.mirror.co.uk

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