Strength Of A Woman

Every time I sit down, whether it be around the tanoa or with family for a meal or when I’m driving and Shaggy’s famous – Strength of a Woman comes on, I always think back to the story a tavale of mine shared around a sosoko mix we were having one night. Now I’m not entirely sure about whether or not this actually played out word for word, but it just always gets me thinking of how strong a woman is.

So, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are at a coffee shop having a late breakfast when the former president is closely monitoring the owner of the cafe and how hard he is working and how much he actually loves his job. He turns to his wife and say’s “Man, that guy absolutely loves his job, I mean look at him.”

She replies back and says, “Yes, his wife is so lucky and blessed to have such a good soul in her life.” The pair converse further while enjoying their coffee and out of the blue, Barack Obama looks deep into his wife’s eyes and says, “imagine if you had married him you would be the proud owner of this lovely little cafe.”

She looks back at him and replies, “No my dear, if I had married him, he would have been the President of the United States.”

Strength of a Woman indeed, I take my hat off to you beautiful women that work tirelessly, if you are reading this, share it around and let a woman in your life or women for that instance know that you care about them and you appreciate all that they do. Just like Tarrus Riley’s track states – “She’s Royal” and thats exactly what every woman is, Royalty.

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