Sony may have reimburse Xperia owners for falsely claiming phones were ‘waterproof’

Sony may have to pay Xperia owners for claiming phones were ‘waterproof’

Sony might have to reimburse Experia owners after false claims about the ‘water resistance’ of the phone. If you bought an Xperia device and it got wrecked from water damage, you might be eligible for a refund.

Ultimately, a federal court in New York has approved a class action lawsuit against the tech company. For overstating claims that its Xperia line of phones and tablets were “waterproof.”

Moreover, the lawsuit alleges that Xperia owners were misled. The devices aren’t designed for underwater use and are more on the water-resistant level of protection.

However, a reimbursement of up to 50 percent off may not be the final value the company is liable to refund.

Sony will still need to settle with the court again on December 1st and agree on final terms, so the figures may change depending on how aggressively they fights back.


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