Snap Map

Snapchat’s new ‘Snap Map’ feature lets you stalk your mates in real time

The new Snap Map feature enables location sharing so you can tell people where you’re snapping from

Snap Map is a new feature launched by Snap Chat. It allows users to share their location with each other. It’s also a stylized map that shows where your friends were when they posted their most recent snaps.

Users can choose whether to share their location with all their friends or just a select few. Otherwise, you can turn location sharing off. And just hang around on the map to see what your friends are up to and where they’ve been.

Snap Map

Snap Map is accessed through a pinch-to-zoom gesture on the app’s camera screen. When you’ve opened the map, you’ll see “ActionMoji” – cartoon avatars – of your friends. Tapping on them will reveal their most recent Story.

Snap Map

Even Stories from non-friends can be viewed. Snapchat will make some available through the public “Our Story” option. Whether you use an Android or an iOS device, the feature is currently rolling out worldwide to all users.

It’s a powerful new tool for Snapchat, which currently boasts over 55 million daily users in Europe alone. In total, there are three billion snaps sent each day. More than enough to fill up your local Snap Map.



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