Should Or Can We Separate Artist’s Art From Their Conduct?

With the exposure of R.Kelly’s alleged Sexual Misconduct and most of the radio world removing R.Kelly Tracks from their playlist, brings us to the questions, are we supporting R. Kelly when we play his music?  Are we promoting Sexual Misconduct On-air when we play his songs for our listeners? Can you really still enjoy the art or wisdom of someone who is alleged to have done evil? The recent revelations of R.Kelly’s deeds have got the world debating whether we can still enjoy his musical talent? 

Now, here at Mix FM, we unambiguously reject the behavior of R. Kelly as well as Michael Jackson.  Although in Jackson’s case, even after the release of many documentaries, nothing was legally proven. But, are you really willing to delete all music of an artist (which you really enjoy) just because he did something wrong? I mean, should the music suffer? Can’t we just separate Man from Music?

Personally, I cannot stand for what R.Kelly has been doing these past few years. Reading articles about it online and watching documentaries and videos online about it is just scary. We fear for the lives of our little children and fear just knowing that it is really happening in the world. Knowing that some men are really like this and will go to any extent to get what they want out of little children. This fear of course bring us to the option of just shutting out all music of R. Kelly’s because let’s face it, he is just like the men moms warn us about. It brings us to the opinion that maybe shutting out his music shuts out the danger. But does it really?

We can argue, that the more we appreciate his Music and the more we play it, the more royalties he earns. But surely, even if we enjoy his music, it doesn’t mean that we support him, right?

Nevertheless, there’s those who think R. Kelly should be arrested and music silenced, while others plan to carry right on listening to R. Kelly songs. However, our opinions will only be our own.

Although we reject the behavior of the artist, the question still stands, will we really be able to separate the art from the artist’s conduct?





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