Sex Offenders Use Tinder for Teens to Target Children

Police in the North East of Europe have warned schools that an app called Tinder for Teens could be used by sex offenders to target children.

Yellow(the name for this app), which is available for free on certain smartphones, describes itself as the “easy and free way to make new friends” and uses swipe controls identical to that of dating app Tinder.

Northumbria Police have alerted local schools to concerns they have over child safety on the app as users do not have to confirm their age before using the service, raising concerns that pedophiles could pretend to be children on this site.

After concerns were raised by online safety groups, Yellow has updated its security settings so that users who attempt to change their date of birth after signing up now have to send proof of ID to the app in order to verify the change. Profile pictures that do not contain faces are now also banned from the app.



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