Self-powering windows in the future to save on energy costs

A self-powering ‘smart window’ has been created by university researchers

A self-powering smart window has been developed by scientists. Princeton University researchers have developed a different type of smart window. A window that is both cheaper and easier to install.

The Smart Window controls the amount of light let through and reduces heat or cold . By applying a new transparent solar cell technology.

Moreover, when darkened, the window can block more than 80 per cent of light. It uses near-ultraviolet light to generate electricity. This powers chemical reactions that lighten or darken the glass as needed.

Furthermore, the smart window controls the transmission of visible light and infrared heat into the building. While the new type of solar cell uses near-UV light to power the system.

In addition to, the aim was to create a flexible version of the solar-powered smart window system. One that can be applied to existing windows via lamination.

Finally, the near-UV solar cell technology can also power internet sensors and other low-power consumer products.


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