Selena Gomez -Instagram’s most followed star.

Selena Gomez is Instagram’s most-followed star… AGAIN

The pop star, who currently has 130 million followers on the social media platform, also earned five of the ten most-liked Instagram posts of 2017. (Beyoncé’s gorgeous twin pregnancy announcement photo from February takes the top honor.)

Gomez’s kidney replacement recovery photo earned the third place spot with 10.31 million likes, while her Coachella selfie with The Weekend earned sixth place with 8.14 million likes. A photo of The Weekend and Gomez at the Met Gala sits in seventh place with 7.78 million likes, while the ninth and tenth place spots are taken by an image of the performer posing on a bicycle for Vogue (7.15 million likes) and celebrating her 25th birthday amid balloons (7.06 million likes).

Gomez has been Instagram’s most-followed star since she surpassed Taylor Swift’s following back in March 2016.

Back in September 2016, she set a new record when she hit 100 million followers.


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