Ryan a boost for the Flying Fijians- Mckee

The presence of Fiji sevens coach Ben Ryan in England during the Rugby World Cup will be utilized by the Vodafone Flying Fijians.
Ryan has confirmed he will fly to England, after the Commonwealth Youth Games, currently underway in Samoa.
While the trip is not directly related to the World Cup, he will play some part in Fiji’s outing at the tournament says head coach John McKee.
“Ben Ryan will be over here. Ben ad I talk together most weeks. I do a little bit with sevens sometimes when I am in Fiji and they are in camp. We are always talking together. Ben asked me of about coming to camp with us. I said he is more than welcome. He is not coming here specifically for the World Cup. He is coming for a couple of week s as same time we in England. For me to have someone with Bens experience and with someone outside looking in, it can often point out a couple of things we haven’t thought of.”
Meanwhile, the side will be welcomed to the World Cup on Thursday night (Fiji time) at the Hampton Court Palace.
The opening match of the tournament between Fiji-England will be played on September 19 at 7amben

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