rubbish truck robots

Robots Are Taking Over The World- Rubbish Trucks

Volvo is testing out autonomous robots as refuse collection truck that would reduce the number of humans needed to clear up our rubbish

The robots revolution is fast coming. Autonomous technology is something that is set to rise in the coming decades. First robot waiters, robot bricklayers and then robot journalists. Now, even rubbish collection is facing the advancement of technology.

Volvo, is building an autonomous refuse truck that will make picking up the rubbish safer and more swifter. The autonomous truck offers major environmental benefits. Gear changing, steering and speed are constantly optimized for low fuel consumption and emissions.

Unfortunately, it will dramatically cut the amount of workers needed for the job. It reverses itself up to the bin allowing the “driver” to be out on the street and grabbing the trash. This means there’s no need for a second team member to remain in the truck. Which means, people in the rubbish picking industry will slowly be losing their jobs.


rubbish truck robots

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