A Request That Children Be Closely Monitored

As we prepare for more rain to come our way, police request that we also keep an eye on our children.

Parents and guardians are being requested to be mindful of their children’s whereabouts at all times. And keep them away from flooded areas and refrain them from getting involved in any form of water related activity. This follows the death of a 12 year old boy who was found floating in the Natabua River yesterday.
The victim had earlier in the day wanted to go fishing and was warned not to. It is alleged that he snuck away despite being warned. A Corrections officer discovered the victim’s body floating near their complex and rushed him to the Lautoka Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Investigations continue.
Meanwhile the search for the 67 year old Navala villager is expected to continue this morning, subject to favorable weather. The search party began the operations from Navala Village and ended at the Ba River near town last night with negative results.
The weather warnings are still in place so it is therefore imperative for parents and guardians to monitor their children and keep them away from flooded areas.
Source: Acting ACP Maretino Qiolevu
Police and NFA officers return from the search of the 67 year old Navala farmer last night

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