‘Queen’s Guard’ knocks out annoying tourist with one punch – but is it all it seems? LoL

The guard appears to punch a man after he accuses him of ‘not doing his job’ – but not everyone is convinced.  A man who appears to be dressed in similar uniform to a Queen’s Guard soldier has gained viral attention after he ‘knocks out’ an annoying tourist.

The ‘soldier’ who is dressed in a red coat and black bearskin, stands very still as a man does the ‘robot dance’ in front of him. Another man moves into the camera’s frame, pleading with the tourist to calm down, saying: “Listen, listen, he’s doing his job, don’t be an idiot.”

But within seconds of the man’s warning, the alleged guard suddenly throws a punch at the tourist, knocking him to the floor with one blow. 1The man then lies on the floor as surrounding tourists gasp in shock.

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