Police will charge people who are posing with the severed limb of taxi driver who died in Davuilevu this morning

A directive has been issued to the Divisional Police Commander East to look into the conduct of certain members of the public at a fatal accident scene in Davuilevu yesterday morning.

Police Chief of Intelligence and Investigations, ACP Biu Matavou says the manner in which some people have displayed the insatiable need to take photos of the accident victim even to the extent of posing with the victim’s severed limbs is shameful and disrespectful.

ACP Matavou says members of the public are reminded that once police have cordoned off a scene of crime it becomes an immediate breach of the law for anyone who enters the restricted area and tries to interfere with the investigation process.

He says that Police have also received photos where a person is holding up what is supposedly the severed limb of the victim and as the Police had already cordoned off the scene their actions, therefore, becomes illegal.

ACP Matavou says not only is it illegal but is a major health concern.

He says there are a number of hazards in disturbing a scene of a crime which is first and foremost unethical but the handling of the victim’s limbs is a biohazard as one is exposing themselves to potentially harmful diseases.

ACP Matavou says they understand that there will be certain accident cases where first aid can be administered or assistance given before the arrival of emergency services which Police will not discourage.

However, Police say the actions of those who have posted on social media and posed with the severed limbs is truly shameful.

ACP Matavou says the use of social media to post and share such graphic photos of accident victims has spiraled out of control with little to no consideration and respect for the victim and their families, and this must stop…..fijiviliiage

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