PM in da house! How Jacinda Ardern went from festival DJ mixing beats to the world’s youngest female leader at age 37

She’s the youngest female leader in the world, taking over New Zealand as Prime Minister at the age of 37.

But before securing the country’s top job, Jacinda Ardern led a different life… on stage – a stark contrast to her political duties.

Her track record reveals the now-expectant mother was once a DJ.

Behind her beaming smile, the stylish politician tried her hand at the deck, playing a 45-minute DJ set at Auckland’s Laneway music festival in 2014.

Since becoming the Labour Party leader, her Instagram feed illustrates a career-driven woman who is on a mission to end child poverty.

But rewinding back, Ms Ardern was a festival-goer – and her love for music saw her perform in a baggy singlet at her local record store.

Speaking fondly about the female leader, Ms Truman revealed she has been friends with Ms Ardern since meeting her in 2014.

‘She is still the same genuine, kind and incredibly smart woman I’ve always known. Still a friend you can laugh with over a wine,’ Ms Truman said in the latest issue.

‘Just one who now happens to run a country.’

In the magazine, Ms Truman reflected on Ms Ardern’s humble beginnings and offered a glimpse into her life before she came the youngest female leader in the world.

Ms Ardern was born into a devoutly Mormon family but left the faith in her early 20s amid its opposition to same-sex marriage.

And it seems she always had an interest in politics. Ms Ardern used to campaign in high school elections – calling on the school to allow girls to wear trousers.

At the tender age of 17, she started volunteering for the Labour Party – door knocking and handing out flyers while juggling her job at the local fish shop.

She swapped her baggy clothing for stylish suits, and went on to become New Zealand’s youngest Labour MP in 2008.

‘I am the first to concede that I am not a normal young person,’ the then-28-year-old said in her maiden speech in parliament.

She met her now-partner TV presenter Clarke Gayford after he penned her letter about his concerns over a security bill being debated in parliament.

What started off as friendship soon turned into a blossoming romance.

Earlier this year, Ms Ardern announced her pregnancy – making her the first world leader since 1990 to expect a baby while in office.

She’s expecting her first baby with her media personality partner Mr Gayford.

‘I’ll be Prime Minister and a mum, and Clarke will be “first man of fishing” and stay-at-home dad,’ she said in her baby announcement in January.

In an official statement, Ms Ardern confirmed she would be heading back to work six weeks after she gives birth to her baby, due on June 17.

‘We wanted a family but weren’t sure it would happen for us, which has made this news unexpected but exciting,’ she said.

‘I will make arrangements for appropriate ministers to act in my other portfolios over the six weeks I am away from Parliament.

‘I am not the first woman to work and have a baby. I know these are special circumstances but there are many women who have done it well before I have.’

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