Persistence Pays Off..

Taylor Swift is a household name amongst music fans the world over and has won multiple Music and Grammy awards across the globe and has sold over 50 million albums.

At the age of nine, Taylor found a passion for music and theatre and started performing in many youth theatre productions.  Such was her passion she persuaded her parents to let her take acting and singing classes. The acting and singing classes took up all of her spare time but even at this young age you could see the dedication she was prepared to put in.

By now Taylor was interested in country music and would dream about becoming a country music star one day. At the age of 10 she could be seen spending her weekends working hard and performing at local festivals, coffeehouses, Boy Scout meetings and sporting events.

31-taylor-swift-midriff.w529.h793.2xUpon closer inspection of this very gifted and talented artist it should be of no surprise that Taylor Swift’s rise to the top was through her hard work and persistence.


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