No more blurry photos thanks to Google and MIT

Google and MIT are finding ways for artificial intelligence to retouch your photos as you’re taking them

Google and MIT pioneer self-correcting snaps.

How many photos does it take before you get one you’re happy with? Now that number could drop dramatically. With new technology co-developed by Google and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Now we can soon have this tech on our smartphones.

Researchers have apparently cracked a method of retouching photos in real time in the instant before you take them. This effectively puts a professional photographer inside your iPhone.

To make this possible they used 5,000 photographs that has been retouched by five different professional photographers. This was to “train” a computational neural network to recognize what parts of photos should be improved and when.

In addition, that could mean adjusting the white balance or correcting the saturation automatically.

Now the team are focused on reducing the processing power enough to fit it onto a standard smartphone.


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