E-cigs containing nicotine could increase your risk of heart disease

The use of e-cigs, is fairly new, so its long-term effects are still unknown

E-cigs seem to be the in-thing now days. 

According to a new study, just one electric cigarette could increase the risk of heart disease in tobacco users. This recent study was published in Journal of the American Heart Association.


Moreover, the research, shows that nicotine is not harmless, as many people believe. It can affect a smoker’s health in more than one way, and not just by triggering addiction.

Furthermore, the use of e-cigarettes, is fairly new, so its long-term effects are still unknown. And the scientific community has been divided about e-cig safety.


Meanwhile, the body of research on health risk is slowly growing: a 2015 study found that e-cig vapor damages the immune system of mice.

Last year, a study found that e-cigs produce 31 harmful chemicals, including some that are believed to cause cancer.


Still, this challenges the belief that nicotine is benign and without significant risk. It also adds to our understanding of the potential health effects of e-cigarettes, which people should consider when deciding whether or not to pick up vaping.

Source: http://theverge.com

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