The newest DJ at this Prague nightclub is a KUKA arm robot

Karlovy Lazne’s robot DJ subs every hour with a human counterpart. And while some partygoers enjoy the novelty, others aren’t sold.

A club in Prague named Karlovy Lazne has recently introduced a robot DJ. It substitutes with a human to program music for the dance floor throughout the night.

Now in rotation for a few weeks, the robot has software that allows it to choose songs, select CDs from a rack, insert them into CDJs, and then play the songs. It also has some pretty sweet dance moves.

The club employed a robotics firm to have the robot specifically made for DJing. It’s an adaptation of a KUKA arm primarily used in the automotive industry. Rigged with software that helps it choose songs, the robot’s pincers grab CDs, and then show off some moves before placing them in one of the two CDJs in front of it.


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