Neil Prakash has no direct links with Fiji Nationals – Police

(Fijivillage) – An individual connected to ISIS who has been highlighted in the Australian media as a person of Fijian and Cambodian descent has had no direct association with Fijian nationals.

The Age has reported that Australia’s most senior Islamic State recruiter in Syria, Neil Prakash has urged young Muslim men to take action in a new alarming propaganda video.

It reported that Neil Prakash, who goes by the jihadist name Abu Khalid-al-Cambodi, is understood to have fled to Syria from Melbourne in early 2013. The Age said Prakash is of Fijian and Cambodian descent.

The video has emerged online only days after five Melbourne teenagers were arrested in pre‑dawn raids over an alleged Anzac Day terror plot. Three teenagers have been charged, two with terrorism‑related offences.

Meanwhile the Fiji Police Force said it is in constant communication with it’s Australian counterparts on what has been transpiring.

Police Chief of Intelligence and Investigations, ACP Henry Brown confirmed that the individual has had no direct association with Fijian nationals on the allegations leveled against him being an Islamic extremist.

Brown also said the issue is not a direct threat to Fiji.

He also said that the Fijian Police is in constant communication with it=s Australian counterparts regarding any major developments.

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