Nayacalevu and Wini to appear in court for allegedly attacking a woman in France

Waisea Nayacalevu and Josaia Wini will be appearing in court in France today after they allegedly attacked two women on Saturday.

The two Fiji born rugby players were in police custody from Saturday night to Sunday morning.

Reports says that they allegedly attacked a woman, one of them allegedly grabbed her breasts in a brutal manner, and it is further alleged that both of them assaulted friends of hers who were trying to defend the woman.

Shortly after, they allegedly punched another woman who tried to stop their taxi from leaving the scene.

The two were celebrating Josaia Wini’s 23rd birthday and witnesses reported that they were drunk.

A man and two young women filed two complaints against them with charges of violence in a state of intoxication concerning both players, and the second for sexual assault.

The incident took place on Saturday night in front of a nightclub in Paris.


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